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Introducing the Dope Ass Mom Podcast

Episode Summary

Are you stuck in the trenches of motherhood? Not to fear, Dope Ass Podcast is here to help you reclaim that piece of yourself you lost when you first brought home your bundle of joy. Andrea Levoff is the Dope Ass Mom and your guide on this journey. Through conversations about motherhood, careers, and pursuing big dreams, Dope Ass Podcast is here to support you on your quest toward living your best life.

Episode Notes

Hi, I’m Andrea Levoff, but most people know me as Dope Ass Mom.

And now that I’m saying that out loud, unironically, locked in my closet to record a podcast (and hide from my pre-snack time kids) I can’t help but think, what the hell does that say about me??

Let me break it down for you. I’m a mom, yes, but that’s just one of the many hats I wear, along with having a masters in spiritual psychology, influencer, comedian, friend,...the list goes on, BUT that’s where the “Dope Ass” comes in. You see, I believe in living life on my own terms, or disregarding the thoughts, opinions and comments of people who, quite frankly don’t matter, to do what makes me happy, even if that means I have a million different titles that don’t quite fit together.

And it’s my goal to help other people do the same, because — insider tip — it’s a whole lot easier to do your own thing when you have a support system willing to take down the status quo with you.

So join me and a cast of other Dope Ass people as we talk about everything from motherhood, our careers, pursuing our dreams and the super weird situations that all of the above have gotten us into. If you’re searching for a common thread here, tap out my friend, because this podcast is all about rejecting the mold, sticking it to the man and marching to your own beat.

I’m here to show you that a Dope Ass life comes in a million shapes and sizes and to inspire you to start living yours today. So if you’re with me, buckle up and enjoy the ride; it’s going to be Dope.

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On the Dope Ass Podcast, Andrea Levoff and her roster of hilarious, inspirational, and always-opinionated guests are tackling everything from motherhood to fashion to travel and spirituality---with a seriously dope ass lens. But don’t take our word for it. Learn more about your dope ass host and her mission to make everyone see the world through hot pink-colored glasses at

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